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Combat Models/Roberts Model
18 East Clay Avenue
West Hazelton, PA 18202
(570) 450-5647 Phone

(570) 459-5725 Fax


Ordering Instructions:

Orders may placed via mail, email, fax or telephone. Checks must be made payable to 'Roberts Model'. USPS Money orders are also accepted. Cash is accepted at your own risk. U.S. funds only please. International Money Orders, or Postal International Money Orders also accepted.

Credit card customers: Roberts Model will require the full 16 digit number, expiration date, and signature for our records. Please include the 3-digit V-code located on the back of the card on the signature line.

Kits and detail sets are prepared after an order is received, please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery. All sales are final.

Postage rates for kits and package deals: Please include this amount to your order.

U.S. & Canada

Up to $40.00 --------------- $15.00
$40.01 to $70.00 --------- $18.00
$70.01 to $115.00 ------- $22.00
Over $115.00 -------------- $25.00


Up to $40.00 --------------- $25.00
$40.01 to $70.00 --------- $30.00
$70.01 to $115.00 ------- $35.00
Over $115.00 -------------- $40.00

For website related questions only, contact the webmaster. All other questions, product information, orders, etc., should be sent to the above listed email.